EAJ018 / EAJ019 : BRUME : THE SUN // THE MOON : 2 CD's : OCTOBER 2009
eaj018 eaj019


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In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, elsie and jack are proud to present two new releases of cosmic delight by the French artist BRUME :


This is the rebirth of BRUME: something old (THE SUN) and something new (THE MOON)!!!

The Sun may be familiar to some of you who follow Renou’s work, as this is a remastered release of one of his early cassette pieces, originally issued on Old Europa Café.

The Sun is an incredibly engaging exploration into ring modulated electronic sounds, electroacoustic drones and tribal pounding, recorded as an invocation to the sun. This alone should appeal to those of you who love primetime Muslimgauze, but it continues with melodic skronk aplenty combined with the ominous porn squelch of fretless bass over / under looped voice treatments reminiscent of 80’s straight-to-video soundtrack splurge that a certain Skater [JF] would be proud of.

The Moon is a new recording from March / April of 2009, where Renou is joined by co-conspirators James & Phil Rodriguez [of MONERA]. These new recordings perfectly compliment The Sun and reveal man’s folly in attempting to reach the Moon, back in 1967…

Musique concrète? maybe so, but Renou’s music has an oft overlooked wonderful lyrical depth – his previous two releases on e&j have excelled in this genre – the new recording only goes to emphasise his standing alongside other electro-acoustic pioneers such as Andrew Liles, Steven Stapleton and Coil.

eaj018 eaj019

Two individual releases all wrapped up in a beautifully designed package: a card folder which has been offset printed, embossed, laser cut, hand-numbered and assembled by our four hands. Inserts aplenty are to be found alongside the two separately packaged cds. If you are one of the lucky 100 to snap up a copy of the signature edition, you will also receive a hand-numbered insert which has been individually adorned with an original one of a kind oil pastel illustration and signed and rubberstamped by Christian Renou!!!

Timeless… a career defining release by the ever innovative Parisian and his friends.

Among the positive feedback received so far, Ralf Wehowsky / RLW claims that he ‘highly appreciates’ this release, as he can now listen to The Sun as it was intended, plus the bonus of the new, collaborative recordings – ‘a very welcome addition… a great release!’.