the musical history of c.renou / brume

1976: It was a very hot Summer !
Walking in Paris, suddenly, I noticed an unusual looking store. Being at the other side of the street, I heard something unusual, like a heavy distant bass drone emanating from the store. It sounded like a mutant basic rock 'n roll...
Inside the store, the sound became ultra aggressive, like a primitive assemblage of voice, guitar and strident electronics...
It was Metal Urbain and Suicide...

1977: Nothing.

1978: My 1st steps in creating sounds were when a good friend of mine gave me a very old Farfisa organ + some analogue effects. With my defective reel-to-reel recorder, I started to create sounds and primitive structures.
Having in mind the beautiful LP, "NO PUSSYFOOTING" by Fripp & Eno, I was totally inspired by this kind of surreal soundscape. It was amazing!

1979: Got a cheap bass guitar + amp. Experiments, experiments, expériments...

1980: Got my 1st monophonic synthesizer + sequencer + some rhythm machines.
Joined URIA, a "big band" (9 members), a lot of concerts were performed from 1979 to 1985, especially in the South of France.

1981: Finally I decided to work alone. The concept of a band was too much, too "heavy" for me.
A lot of time wasted for nothing, life is short!... And anyway, I was disconnected with this music because of the commercial aspect.
The aggressive electronic music of the French band, HELDON / Richard Pinhas, inspired me alot!
Then I tried to make a compromise between electronic and electro-acoustic.
Nevertheless, two friends of mine helped me during this period: Antoine Faure and Eric Erfurth.
Both were amazing guitarists, the kind of guys able to listen just one time to some very complex beats and by the 2nd time, able to add guitarist miracles on them. Unfortunately, these two guys fell into drug addiction.

1982: I saw for the 1st time, ERASERHEAD. A big shock!... The soundtrack of this film confirmed my interest in "concrete / electro-acoustic" music.

1983 / 1985: Some selected pieces recorded from the past years were assembled for cassette projects.
Creation of the "ectoplasmic" label: BRUME Rec.
Illegal performance in a disused bus garage, June 1985. Stopped by the police at 11pm.
Members: C. Renou, electronics, horn, tapes...
                G. Guiggia, guitar, filters...

brought to you with love from elsie and jack