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an evening with elsie + jack
the mar/ino : elsieandjack tour (met) series of cdr's began in the summer of 1999 with a show that we held in Grand Rapids, Michigan featuring:

Damian Catera

an evening with elsie + jack the initial pressing of 50 sold out during the NULL/Catera tour, but we are now offering a second pressing of 50 that, due to technical problems were not available for the shows.

each cd is numbered from 51 though 100. the packaging is similar to the mar/ino releases and include a reproduction of the flyer you see to the left and a foil-stamped cover.

the cost is $8 ppd. and the disc is only available from elsieandjack usa.

please drop us an email for availability:

the disc features 67 minutes of new and exlusive music from all five artists